SOTATILA/THINK AGAIN - black rainbow split 7"ep!


- black rainbow split 7"ep (HCS-029)

SOTATILA/THINK AGAINによるBLACK RAINBOW japan tourに合わせドロップされる強力スプリット7"ep。昨年のRYDEEN/THINK AGAIN招聘の元、“NO BORDER japan tour”を果たし、その凄まじいライブアクトとフレンドリーなドランクパンクスぶりで日本全土を感動と笑いに包み込んだオーストリアのRUIDOSA INMUNDICIAのメンバー3人が在籍し、ex-RIISTETYTのフィンランド人ヴォーカルJUKKAを加えたSOTATILA。JAPANESE HARDCORE PUNKを肌身で感じ取った彼等は盟友THINK AGAINに打診し、早くも慣行される本ツアー。BASTARDSやMELLAKKA等を彷彿とさせる伝統的なFINNISH HARDCORE PUNK。獰猛で野蛮、どこを切り落としてもフィンランドとしか言い様の無いノンストップPROPAGANDAゴースト!横浜/東京を中心に活動するTHINK AGAIN、止まるところを知らない若きJAPANESE HARDCORE PUNK戦士は時と場所を選ばす、各地で支持を集めそれに甘んじる事なく突き進む!先人の血を受け継ぎ邁進する姿は純粋であり実直、そして真摯で攻撃的な歌詞は必ずや聴く者、観る者の心を捉えて離さない。血沸き肉を絶つ100% PURE JAPANESE HARDCORE PUNK!過去~現在~未来、そして希望を紡ぐこの両バンド、塩ビ盤に込められた熱き血潮を感じ取れ!Artwork by Jallu (KIELTOLAKI)


Here comes new strong split 7" ep for Sotatila/Think Again "Black Rainbow japan tour 2012'". Sotatila, 3 of them from Ruidosa Inmunidicia have already toured japan with Think Again/Rydeen last year as "No Border tour". They spread awesome sounds and big lough for all of japanese punks. As early as they come back to japan as Sotatila with finnish singer Jukka (ex-Riistetyt). It reminds us traditional finnish punk monster like Bastards and MellakKa. It's ferocious and savage, non-stop full of propaganda Finnish HC where you cut off their sounds. Think Again, playing in Yokohama/Tokyo area young japanese hardcore punk warriors. They don't care where they play at. Even It's with something the other styles. That activities are supported from so many punks. Getting blood from 100% pure high energetic burning japanese hardcore punk like Lip Cream, Bastard and Judgement. Lyrics are honest and aggressive, that's punk. Spinning past, present, future and hope for these 2bands. Feel their burning frames! Artwork by Jallu (Kieltolaki).


release on 20th/March

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