LASLTY - crazy fucked up deadly local 7"ep (HCS-045)! out now!


Out now!

for overseas: They will have it in a couple of weeks.

blindead productions (sweden)
crucificados (germany)
crysis (malaysia)
de:nihil (sweden)
distort reality (or/usa)
end of an ear (tx/usa)
feralward (or/usa)
imminent destruction (uk)
inti de etxebarria (spain)
jakob gaulhofer (germany)
kapitalizace (czech)
la vida es un mus (uk)
mitchell shelly (ca/usa)
no fucking labels (holland)
prank (ca/usa)
rawmantic disaster (germany)
soap nad spikes (ca/usa)
sphc (md/usa)
static shock musik (germany)
suffer damage (canada)
velted regnub (nc/usa)
yellow dog (germany)

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