FRENZY - disconnected 7"ep (HCS-056)


FRENZY - disconnected 7"ep

out on 9/30!

4songs/400 limited


急遽のレコーディングにも関わらずハイクオリティーな楽曲を提供してくれるのは、今やPDXを代表するサウンドメーカー達ならでは!ex-NERVESKADE、BI-MARKS、DISTORT REALITY recのSKELL師匠らが奏でるDISORDERED POGO NOISE PUNK with USハードコアにPOPさも内包した、アメリカの大地を駆け巡る様なアグレッシブでドライブ感も抜群の脳天直撃、狂乱&酔狂!


PDX! PDX! everybody knows what place is there, They will come to japan in Oct from Portland/USA.
They recorded high-quarity sounds before tour in a hurry time. but They made so intense songs cos they're representative sound makers of current pdx punk scene. members are from Nerveskade, Bi-Marks and punk dad Skell from Distort Reality rec. Disordered pogo noise punk with US Hardcore, involved few pop melody. That's American aggressive and driving tunes into your head!
add Toyo/Zyanose's opinion here...

"They're twin bass rock'n'roll noise hell punk From Portland/USA, Record stores reviewed about them like noise-core...but That's WRONG! They're copulated mutant by Judas Priest and US Hardcore!!"
by hardcoresurvives | 2015-09-10 00:00 | RELEASE