THE SAVAGES - tomorrow's view 7"ep (HCS-057)


THE SAVAGES - tomorrow's view 7"ep

out on 9/30!

3songs/600 limited


ex-RAW DISTRACTIONS/ROUGH STUFF/AVFALLのメンバーが悲願とも言うべきバンド活動を再始動させた、新進気鋭THE SAVAGES!UK82' PUNKに哀愁漂うearly 80's GERMAN PUNK~UPRIGHT CITIZENSなメロディアス且つ強烈な一撃!中心メンバーKENTA (gu/vo)の思惑通りのサウンド・テイストに仕上がった渾身の1st 7"epがFRENZYとのツアーに合わせて解き放たれる!コンクリートジャングルの孤独や悲哀、虚無ささえ感じられる正に東京の街で“生存”するPUNK ROCKERS!

ex-Raw Distractions/Rough Stuff/Avfall members finally started new band, called The Savages.
vein of UK82' punk with melancholic ealry 80's German punk-Upright Citizens beats! found memebr Kenta (gu/vo), his sound opinion turns just on this vinyl. There are including concrete jungle's isolation, sorrow and nihilism. It's just "survive" as punk rockers in Tokyo. for fans Skizophrenia, Raw Distractions...
by hardcoresurvives | 2015-09-11 00:00 | RELEASE