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VENDETTA - fight ep!


- fight 7"ep (HCS-032)

自主制作の1st epから半年程の短い期間で放たれるVENDETTA 2nd EP - fight!
敬愛するUK80's HARDCORE PUNK/BEAT THE SYSTEM recを髣髴とさせるサウンドと攻撃性はそのままに、ティーンエイジ・パンクスKURO(vo/gu)のサイケデリックでROCK'n'ROLLなパートを思わせるギターフレーズも飛び出す成長と進化をし続けるバラエティーに富んだ楽曲群。カテゴライズされた枠を飛び出すサウンドはUK HARDCOREスタイルと括られるには余りにも勿体無い程に輝きを放っている!過去のバンドに囚われない消化・吸収された2012年現代のHARDCORE PUNK!既に数多くのライブやバンドと競演している彼等の“今”の勢いを凝縮させた全4曲。レコーディングはJAPANESE HARDCORE PUNKの殿堂OUR HOUSE!PLAY LOUD or DON'T!


Here comes bright 2nd of Vendetta - fight ep since self-released 1st ep in short span .
The sounds are still keeping as respectful UK hardcore punk/Beat The System records and speedy offensive attack punk style. add more rockin' and psychedelic guitar riffs from teenage punks Kuro(vo/gu). They're still growing up with various sounds. It's not categorized in just "UK hardcore" style. also They're not cursed by old legends, is trying to play their music. Already playing with so many bands and shows. Feel their "now", play loud or not! Recorded by legendary studio "Our House".


release on 24th/Aug

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